The InOut Company founded by Chris Barnes, one the most well-known and influential designers in the Middle East, is the partner of SunSquare, the industry leader and innovator of automatic shading solutions, who have successfully implemented over 8,000 installations across Europe, the US and the Middle East. All our solutions are manufactured in Austria and designed specifically for each individual space.




They provide longevity as well as excellent UVA & UVB protection against the sun, with high quality fabrics together with rain and fire proofing. All solutions are fully automated, opening and closing at the touch of a button and will automatically close when wind speeds rise above 40 kph. All components are of the highest quality, no large oversized columns or cumbersome floor slabs are needed, they are sleek and easy on the eye, maximising views, whilst providing excellent space below for entertaining and operation.

Each solution is bespoke, designed individually for a space. The first step is to assess the space, taking into account the direction of the sun, wind factors and surrounding buildings by conducting a site visit and acquiring measurement and CAD drawings. For projects outside of the UAE, site photographs are sufficient. From this we can provide a budgetary cost for the best solution and once agreed, we will provide a visual representation of the design, together with a quotation. On receipt of the down payment, the shade will be manufactured in Austria, air freighted direct to the premises and installed, approximately 6 weeks later.

As the official Middle East and North Africa representatives, we undertake projects across the entire region. Every shading solution is bespoke and we therefore do not hold any stock, so to understand each enquiry, we need to assess the space. We are the experts in shading design, so all we require is CAD plans and either site photographs or a site visit, from which we can develop an indicative proposal.

Once the idea and budget is agreed, we move forward with a detailed concept and formal proposal, which will allow order confirmation……….. it’s as simple as that!