Innovative Shading For A Pier

The multi-award winning Pierchic restaurant at Jumeirah Al Qasr is one of the best-known restaurants in the Jumeirah portfolio, providing an ‘over-the-water’ dining experience with captivating views of Burj Al Arab and the Arabian Gulf. So when TIOC were contacted by Jumeirah to try to solve their shading issues for their two outdoor bars, we were excited to take on the challenge and confident we could solve their problems.

We met the Director of Operations who explained they had tried many static shading solutions, however all had failed as they were unable to retain their integrity with shades often falling over and fabrics constantly tearing from the sea winds. This all resulted in detracting from the beautiful views possible from the pontoons and they were unable to use the outdoor space.

To ensure our shades would perform well, we initiated scientific wind testing for a period of two weeks. This process measured the wind speed, together with the number of gusts per second. Results were positive that a retractable solution would work, however it also dictated we needed to be mindful of placement of the components. Without As Built CAD plans, the next step was to conduct a full site survey to understand; the structural elements suitable within the pontoon, the sun direction and measurements to allow us to create the design.

We worked closely with our partners SunSquare in Austria to design a bespoke, cantilevered, floating solution of six triangular shades, to cover each pontoon, whilst still allowing the guests to enjoy the surrounding views. The solution also provided full flexibility for the space, enabling the hotel operator to retract the shade when required, to unveil the amazing night skies and vistas. To overcome the gusting sea winds, we strategically placed our wind anemometers to measure the wind speed and to open and close the shading when the winds became extreme.

Once signed off by Jumeirah and the down payment was received, manufacture began in Austria and six weeks later it was ready for airfreight. It arrived in Dubai three days later and once cleared through customs, it was delivered direct to Pier Chic ready for installation. A one-of-a-kind design, requires specialist installation and we therefore brought the most experienced team from Austria, to install the system. Over the next three days they measured, drilled and carefully installed the shades, creating some dramatic pictures in the process!

We are proud that our solutions have not only provided a quality shading solution for Pier Chic to fully utilise their outdoor space, but have also become an integral part in the instagrammable views seen from the pier looking towards Burj Al Arab and the beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf!